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5 marketing uses of augmented and virtual reality for your company

Who has never dreamed of traveling through time? Discovering a city without enduring the long hours of flying? Or even seeing his favorite avatar appear around the corner? All of these wishes are now possible thanks to immersive technologies. Augmented and virtual reality … We see them everywhere, everyone is talking about them, but very few of us really realize the benefits they can bring to our businesses. Here are the top 5 ways AR/VR will revolutionize marketing:

1. Immersive technologies to discover your brand universe

We are exposed to a multitude of commercials every day, but how many of them really grab your attention? Being creative and having a story to tell is no longer enough to differentiate yourself … On the other hand, creating a virtual reality game, presenting your company in 360° or even telling a story in total immersion are good ways to attract and keep your customer’s attention! In recent years, we noticed an increasing use in this type of marketing tool at events. Efficient and eye-catching, they reveal themselves to be very attractive to use during exhibitions, conferences or presentations.

At WYLog, to help our customers discover our universe, we rely on original and interactive advertising posters developed in augmented reality… By positioning your smartphone in front of this advertising poster you can see WYbot, our 3D robot, appear. It stages the various services we offer and interacts with you in real time depending on where on the poster you place your finger. Magic isn’t it?

2. Immersive technologies to engage your consumers

Increasingly, companies are trying by all means to develop a special bond with their consumers: they invite them to interact, give their opinions and participate actively in corporate life. We have to face it- customers no longer want to passively view the media that we are communicating to them. They want to experience something new and get real added value through each experience: laughing, having fun, sharing and interacting with a brand in order to identify themselves with it.

Immersive technologies allow us to create powerful experiences that strongly increase our senses, emotions and sensations. They offer the user significant freedom of movement because every choice we make will positively or negatively influence our virtual journey. We therefore become active users in the experience.

3. Immersive technologies to make the impossible possible

Using augmented and virtual reality it’s also imagining without limits! Need to train your employees at risk situations? Do it in virtual reality, like here with the fire simulation training app we created! Do you want to take your customers on a journey and immerse them in another time? It’s possible ! For example, we recently worked on an immersion project that aimed to recreate post-war Germany in virtual reality. Are you passionate about stars and the solar system? Use augmented reality to transform your living room into an observatory and gravitate around the different planets yourself.

4. Immersive technologies to interact differently with your customers

Virtual reality is a very effective means of communication for telling a story from a new angle, presenting technical construction, conveying emotions or even raising awareness about a cause. Living and sharing these types of inside experiences allows individuals to react more intensely to each interaction.

Augmented reality, on the other hand, is very useful to let customers test out products directly from home. Who has ever wanted to see the rendering of the sofa spotted in a store before buying it? Or try the latest fashionable clothes directly from home? Augmented reality allows you to have more time to think, try and interact than in stores.

As you will have understood, the uses of these types of technologies are endless, with a good idea, a team of experts and perseverance, they allow you to accomplish great things!

5. Immersive technologies to educate your customers

Using virtual or augmented reality for educational purposes is a great way to learn and remember information more easily. They can be used to train your customers to use certain products or to familiarize themselves with a new interface that you just launched. The fun format of immersive technologies will facilitate the integration of complex concepts while adding an entertaining side to learning.

Capable of arousing emotion, attachment and commitment of consumers, augmented and virtual reality has not finished to seduce and surprise us! The use of this type of technology will not only allow you to make a good impression, but will also promote the recognition of your brand thereafter. Now it’s your turn, the reality of tomorrow is in your hands…

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