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7 Things You Should Know About Web Development

Web development isn’t just bout knowing how to code. While learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other programming languages is the main focus when it comes to becoming a web developer, there are other factors that should be considered as well. There’s more to web development than just coding and programming languages. Let’s take a look […]

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How Blockchain Is Revolutionizing The Supply Chain Industry?

While many companies are increasing their investments in supply chain management software, most of them have only limited insights into where all their products are at any given moment. In recent years, blockchain has emerged as the technology capable of revolutionizing the traceability and reliability of flows. It facilitates the communication of authenticated data between […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Conquer COVID-19

As movies like Contagion and Outbreak are becoming real life scenarios, cutting-edge technology companies are turning to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to fight COVID-19. Their common objective is to speed up the development of new treatments to battle the spread of the virus. Today, we are going to focus on some of them. Using […]

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5 Steps To Creating an Amazing 3D Model

There is often a very small difference between what is real and what is imaginary. With 3D modeling this is often the case as well, since scenes can now come alive and be reproduced in highly realistic ways. Whether it is to develop an animation, create a model for a website or video games, the […]

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5 marketing uses of augmented and virtual reality for your company

Who has never dreamed of traveling through time? Discovering a city without enduring the long hours of flying? Or even seeing his favorite avatar appear around the corner? All of these wishes are now possible thanks to immersive technologies. Augmented and virtual reality … We see them everywhere, everyone is talking about them, but very […]

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